Trine Adler-BBC Studios

Yesterday, I went to a talk from Trine Adler who is a talent executive working for BBC Studios, the independent production unit of the BBC who have their hands in various different areas be it fiction or non-fiction and are responsible for making shows like Doctor Who Luther, The One Show, Etc and the talk was probably the most interesting talk that I have been to so far.

At the start of the year I was concerned when given the task of writing blog posts about talks and events I go as I wasn’t sure if talks would have notable enough effects on me to be worth writing about but I can say that this talk genuinely encouraged by the talk as it reinforced my desire to work in production.

One of the reasons I found the talk so useful was how much was quantified throughout as Trine’s job means she has a lot of exposure to applications for entry level positions and like most worked her way up from the bottom herself and so was able to offer detailed information about the skills she would look for at entry level positions such as researcher or runner on shows outside of the technical skills my degree gives me.

Working for BBC Studios on any sort of production is something that I would love to do as part of my career as the sort of programs they produce are really interesting from factual content like Blue Planet and dramas and in particular Doctor Who which has been my favourite show since I was young and would be a dream job to work on in any capacity.

Looking into both researcher jobs and runner jobs I think realistically I would take whatever opportunities come my way but if I had preference I’d prefer to start as a runner as I believe I would do better in that role as I enjoy helping people by doing the tasks that some people may not want to do but need to be done. In order to try and get some experience and contacts around BBC I’ve applied for a work experience placement at BBC Studios regional areas in Southampton:(  which if i’m lucky could help get my foot in the door when it comes to that path for my career. Additionally in researching getting work experience I found a helpful web page:( that liked a bunch of other sites that could prove useful to find additional jobs or placement in the future



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